Post Transplant & Infectious Disease Management

Critical testing for all cases – including the most complex ones

Whether you are trying to rule out, manage treatment or identify immunity for an infection like SARS-CoV-2, CMV or BKV, trust in our 35-year track record of designing sensitive & specific ID assays. With most PCR results available same day, and a history of rapidly launching diagnostics in response to emerging diseases, we can help you solve your most critical cases.

  • Hundreds of hospitals across the US partner with us for their ID testing
  • 75% of transplant programs nationwide utilize our testing for their most critical patients
  • CAP Accredited, CLIA Licensed, NY State Certified

Multiple-Target Molecular Assays Designed to Help Reduce False Negatives and Under-quantification

When a polymorphism occurs in one assay target, the additional sets of primers and probes for the alternate target region will still detect and accurately quantify the pathogen.

Assay Refinement Helps Account for New Strains or Mutations that Might Otherwise be Missed

Testing accounts for all strains, serotypes, and clinical isolates – not just the most common ones to ensure patients infected with multiple or unusual strains are correctly identified.

Variety of Accepted and Validated Specimen Types Give You More Options

More specimen options give you better control and ease of collection for your patients, including plasma, urine, saliva, serum, cerebrospinal fluid, bone marrow aspirate, throat specimens and fecal specimens, among other fluids and tissues.