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We harness the power of our network of companies to deliver comprehensive solutions across the transplant spectrum.


We never stop moving forward and are always looking for solutions that will solve the complex challenges of tomorrow.



We empower patients and providers to make informed decisions about current treatments and future therapies.

Meeting the needs of transplant patients and providers is a challenge unlike another. From pre- to post-transplant, we’re equipped with testing solutions that can do just that.

From Pre-Transplant To Post Recovery.

We’re your partner through all of it.

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Critical donor screenings to ensure the overall health of the transplant donor. Microbiology testing aimed at reducing microorganisms that could compromise the transplant recipient. HLA testing to match donors and recipients. Eurofins Transplant Diagnostics is the go-to for pre-transplant testing solutions.

Post Transplant & Infectious Disease Management

From solid organ transplant testing to blood and marrow transplant testing, over 75% of transplant programs across the U.S. turn to Eurofins Transplant Diagnostics. Whether assessing pre-transplant or identifying post-transplant, our solutions span the spectrum.

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Rejection Biomarkers

Through molecular diagnostic tests that detect issues and enable optimization of therapy and non-invasive genomic biomarker monitoring, Eurofins Transplant Diagnostics is the leader in testing designed to improve long-term outcomes.

Let’s start staying a step ahead in every transplant journey — together.

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